Wi-Fi Connectivity Issues On Iphone 5s And 4s

Wi-Fi Connectivity Issues On Iphone 5s And 4s

Many users of branded phones such as iPhone 4s and 5s have at least once encountered problems connecting to Wi-Fi networks. In this article we will try to deal with them and help you in this difficult situation.

Possible problems

So, what can be the problems when connecting to wireless networks? Your mobile device simply does not see the desired Wi-Fi network, the presence of which you know for sure (for example, we are talking about your own home network). Or, when connecting, it knocks out some errors. It is also worth noting this option, when the Wi-Fi signal level drops sharply, or disconnects you from the network by itself. Perhaps you will encounter a problem when, after a seemingly successful connection to the Internet, you cannot access any site.

By the way, some users often complain that Wi-Fi does not work automatically after updating. We will deal with these problems together!

There are solutions

There are solutions in every situation! And here is a step-by-step instruction:

make sure that you are currently in a Wi-Fi hotspot. Check with the waiter of the local cafe if the Wi-Fi is working;

go to the Settings section on the device, from there – Wi-Fi. Disable the Wi-Fi service, and then reconnect it. If this did not help you and the wi-fi settings are still grayed out, then follow the instructions further;

Next, you need to find out if your home Wi-Fi router shows signs that you have Internet access. All lights should be on. If not all the lights are on, then you should set up the router, or if you do not understand this or are not at home, contact your ISP (the first case) or the network administrator (second case);

try rebooting your iPhone 4s or 5s;

then, you need to go into the device settings, go to the Wi-Fi section, then find the necessary network to which you are currently connected;

click on the “i” button and select “Forget Network”;

try again to connect to this network, if you need to re-enter the password, then you need to do this;

if this didn’t help, then in this case it’s worth trying to restart the router, which transfers Wi-Fi, for this it’s enough just to turn it off and on again;

if all the steps do not help, then try reinstalling the operating system by installing the latest version;

The last solution to the problem may be flashing the router, again, to the latest version. If you have an AirPort base station, you will need to search for updates using AirPort for it.

If you can’t search for a network, try the following:

It is worth checking once again that there is a network among all available for your device. To do this, go to the settings and find the Wi-Fi item there. If the network does not appear immediately, then you should wait a while;

go to the router that distributes Wi-Fi closer, it is possible that the signal is simply not captured by the device;

You can also reset the network settings, the instructions are attached below.

Entering router settings

If you need to configure a Wi-Fi router, which can be a solution to the problem, then you should first go to its settings via the web interface. Of course, the list of various routers is very large and we will not describe how to enter the settings of each. We describe only the general instructions for all routers:

first open the browser page and enter one of the IP addresses (it can be or the other);

Next, you need to enter a login with a password to enter directly into the web interface.

That’s all – you are in the settings of the router. Usually there is a Wi-Fi or Wireless section on the left. This is where network settings are made, including the access password (key). Settings for each of the routers individually can be found in another article on our site.

TP-Link, by the way, has created a special Tether program for this. Working with the web interface for many users may seem like a very complicated process, but when working through the special Tether application for all iOS devices and Android, setting up the router will not be particularly difficult, as it is simplified.


How to reset network settings:

The selection is confirmed using the line: "Reset network settings".

Thus, you can reset absolutely all network settings, and this:

a complete list of Wi-Fi networks with which you previously worked, while the saved passwords will also go away;

Also, those devices with which you worked through Bluetooth and those with which you made contacts will disappear;

VPN and APN settings will also be deleted.

If you want to reset the settings of your iPhone, which is required if you accidentally configured a new device, but wanted to transfer data from the old one, then you have to:

enter the “settings” menu;

from there, go to the "Basic" section and go to the "Reset";

select the "Erase content and settings" button. Please note that this action will allow you to completely clean your phone, so you must be sure that you have a backup copy of it.

Change the country of connection

Another reason why your iPhone 4s does not connect to Wi-Fi might be the following:

Your device was manufactured in the United States and was intended for sale in the United States of America. After it was brought to Russia and simply does not see any wireless networks in our country. Do not rush to despair, because everything is fixable! By the way, in this case, if your phone was brought to Russia “unplanned”, then you can freely connect to the Network, but in the process, without any reasonable reason, the connection may disappear for a short time;

go to your router settings, go to the Wireless (or Wi-Fi) section, and then change the country to USA;

everything is very simple! Now your iPhone will be able to connect to your home Wi-Fi automatically (if it does not contain a password, or you have already entered it and saved the Network at least once).

Data backup and recovery

If you do not want to rub your precious data, then if your iPhone 4s or 5s breaks, you should back up the files. For this, there are special services iCloud and iTunes. So, it remains only to see how this is done, and how to quickly and easily create all copies of the data. If you use the iCloud service, then everything is quite simple, just backups are created automatically, it is also suitable for all iOS devices.

To do this, you need:

the first thing to do is enable backup;

Wi-Fi Connectivity Issues On Iphone 5s And 4s

go to your device’s settings, then go to iCloud, find the “Storage and copies” section and go there;

there you will see the iCloud Copy feature. It is necessary to make it turned on if you need to make copies automatically in this service;

after enabling this function, you need a little: just click the "create copy" button;

So, what to do if you still lost your data and want to pull it out of iCloud? Suppose you purchased a new iPhone and want to copy data from the old one to it. First, follow all the requirements for the initial setup of your iPhone system. When you are offered one of three options, among which will be “Restore from iCloud copy”, it is worth choosing this option. From the list of all copies, select the one you created, it will be visible by name. There are some details to consider when using iTunes:

if your iPhone has the latest version of iOS, and you made a backup of your data, then on the new device, you will not be able to restore it if there is a version prior to this one installed;

the first thing you need to clarify is the version of iTunes on your computer, it should be up to date;

then you need to connect your computer and the iPhone device itself. Go to the “File” section, from there to “Devices”, then just click the “Create backup” button.

Backups are created even when you use synchronization between the computer and your device. In order to finally verify this, you need to go to iTunes on your computer and go to the "Devices" tab. And there you will already see the name of your device, and the date and time of the backup will be indicated there.

To recover data from iTunes, you only need to connect your iOS device to the computer, where the backup is stored. Again, you need to check the version of iTunes installed on your computer. Go to the "File, from there to the" Devices "section and click" Restore from backup. " That’s all!

Why doesn’t the iPhone connect to Wi-Fi?

There are a fairly large number of reasons why the iPhone 5s does not connect to Wi-Fi.

Here is a list of them:

if the network is secure, make sure you enter the password correctly;

make sure the network signal is strong enough. If the signal is weak and periodically disappears, then perhaps you are at the maximum range of Wi-Fi;

Your device may have been manufactured for sale in the United States. To do this, it will be necessary to change the country in the router. How to do this, we wrote above.

It’s time to restart the router

So, one more reason why your iPhone stopped connecting to the router. The problem of access to Wi-Fi from your iPhone can be solved at all with one click of the router button. Reboot it, disconnect it from the network and turn it on again. But what if? Each device may have its own errors in operation, and the router is no exception! True, if other devices successfully connect to the same router, then the problem is hardly in it.

Reset and create a new password

What to do if you forgot your Wi-Fi password and cannot connect to it on your iPhone? Constantly enter the wrong password from the Network?

It’s time to restart the router

reset the password on the router and set a new one;

to do this, go to any browser, enter the IP address specified in the modem settings, and enter your username and password (they are also specified in the settings);

go to the Wi-Fi or Wireless tab and select reset / create a new password.

We hope this article fully told you what problems there may be with Wi-Fi access on iPhone 4s and 5s, how to solve them, as well as how to back up data and restore it if you purchase a new iOS device.