Windows 10 Update Breaks Network Connections And Sound In Games

Windows 10 Update Breaks Network Connections And Sound In Games

Microsoft strikes again!

We already told you that the Windows 10 update, released on September 10, complicates the search and seriously loads the PC processor. It turned out that the problems of unfortunate users do not end there. You can also find a lot of messages on the network about a broken network connection and sound loss in games.

For example, a new evil update is actively scolded on Reddit forums. Those who installed the update report that they can no longer connect to the network. over. reinstalling drivers does not help them. In this case, Microsoft recommends simply turning off and then turning on the modem in Device Manager. True, you need to do this after each new restart of the computer. It is much easier to roll back to the previous assembly.

Microsoft is aware that this problem concerns NEC devices with Intel Centrino 6205/6235 and Broadcom 802.11ac Wi-Fi cards. However, judging by the posts on the network, there are much more affected devices.

The update also brings with it problems with sound in some games. firstly, it becomes quieter, and secondly, strange sound periodically appears. This is due to the fact that Microsoft unsuccessfully changed the compatibility function with multi-channel audio technology. However, not all games and devices support this sound.

The update also disrupts the Start menu and the Support Center.

Microsoft plans to fix bugs of the current update by the end of September. However, no one guarantees that the new patch, in addition to eliminating the shortcomings, will not bring additional problems.

Well, for our readers who have not had time to upgrade to the last terrible build of Windows 10, we recommend that you do not do this yet. In addition, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with our material on how to completely and permanently disable Windows updates.

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