Xiaomi Bluetooth Headset Connecting to Windows 10

A Bluetooth headset is a conversational wireless device that allows you to talk to someone on the other end of the communication line and frees up two hands. It works in tandem with another technique. most often a smartphone. Before using a pair, you need to do the first pairing.

Headset connection

There are a lot of varieties of Bluetooth headsets, because there is no single standard in their creation. Therefore, the control functions can be performed by small switches, buttons, or a single button that executes commands depending on the pressing options. Usually, manufacturers in recent years use the third option.

Pairing with an Android Smartphone

Watch video instructions here:

To connect a smartphone to the Bluetooth headset you need to create a “pair”. For this:

  1. Open the notification panel and hold “Bluetooth” for a few seconds to go to the settings menu.
  1. Move the slider opposite the Bluetooth function to the On position and click Search. At the same time, hold down and hold the button on the headset with your finger until you see a rapidly flashing indication (the indication may change differently, but the main thing is that it will be different from the one that was before you pressed for a long time). It means that the device is ready for detection and pairing. Search your smartphone to find a new device.
  1. Click on the just found available device and wait for the connection.
  1. Done, the headset is connected and in pairing mode.
  1. The smartphone remembered this device, so the next connection is easier. Turn on Bluetooth on your smartphone and headset. The device will connect to the pair already created. If this does not happen or the connection is broken, just click on the headset name in the menu, in the "Connected devices" section, and the connection will be established.
  1. For detailed settings, click the exclamation mark next to the connected Bluetooth headphones. Here you can “Cancel pairing”, that is, forget the connection between the smartphone and the headset.
  1. If you try to pair the devices when the headset is connected to another smartphone, is charging or at a great distance, the smartphone will notify you of the impossibility of this action.

You need to check the Bluetooth headset using an incoming call. You can also accept and end a call using it. Pressing. the call is accepted, double pressing. the call is rejected.

Advice! Sometimes, a password is required to connect the gadgets. You can see it in the instructions for the wireless intercom. Often, a standard password of four zeros is 0000.

Video: Xiaomi Bluetooth Headset Connecting to Windows 10

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IPhone connection

Before connecting, make sure that the batteries of both gadgets are charged. To configure the iPhone to connect to the Bluetooth headset, you need this:

Xiaomi Bluetooth Headset Connecting to Windows 10
  1. Go to settings and activate the “Bluetooth” function.
  1. Holding the button for a long time put the headset into pairing mode (the LED will behave differently, for example, blink at a different frequency).
  2. Discover the Bluetooth device and click on it to connect. If necessary, enter the pin code specified by the manufacturer in the instructions. This is usually 0000.
  1. The devices are paired and you can now communicate through the headset. To disconnect from an iPhone, click on the exclamation point icon and select “Disconnect”. Here, you can forget the established connection.

If an iPhone is connected to a profile and configured to synchronize with iCloud, then the settings for this connection will be available for all devices that use the same account.

Connect AirPods to iPhone

Connecting Apple brand accessories together is the easiest. It is enough to open the charged AirPods case, as the iPhone itself will detect it and offer you to pair it.

Setting up a connection with a Windows 10 laptop

A laptop, laptop, convertible tablet, or personal computer with a Bluetooth adapter can pair with a headset or Bluetooth headphones. To communicate via VoIP telephony on a computer, you should:

  1. In the lower right corner of the taskbar, open the "Notification Center" and click RMB via "Bluetooth" to open the "Settings".
  1. Activate “Bluetooth” and click “Add device”.
  1. In the next window, select the first row.
  1. And select the device to add. After the device will be available for work.
  1. The next connection will occur when you turn on Bluetooth at the same time.

Connection with a push-button telephone

The Bluetooth function appeared before smartphones with touch screens and was actively used in button phones Nokia, Samsung, Siemens and others. With the advent of wireless headsets, nothing has changed and pairing occurs in the same way:

Xiaomi Bluetooth Headset Connecting to Windows 10
  1. Turn on Bluetooth in your phone settings.
  2. Put the headset in pairing state (how to do this for your particular model is indicated in the operating instructions).
  3. On the phone, click "Search for devices."
  4. Having found the headset, click on its icon to connect.

The following video talks about connecting wireless headphones to a push-button telephone:

Sometimes, the connection may fail due to the activated "hide my device from Bluetooth search" function. If the function is on, disable it and try again. If the problem is present, study the characteristics of the phone and make sure that it uses the Bluetooth specification 4.0 and higher.


A Bluetooth headset is a handsfree system that uses Bluetooth protocols for wireless pairing with smartphones, tablets, laptops and other electronic equipment. The first pairing takes place in a maximum of five minutes, and the next when you turn on the module on both devices. After connecting, the headset can be used both for GSM and VoIP telephony conversations, and for listening to music.

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