Xiaomi Introduced An Inkjet Printer With A Record Cartridge Yield

Xiaomi decided not only to cover the smartphone and consumer electronics market, but also affect the office equipment segment. The company released the MIJIA Inkjet inkjet printer with a self-cleaning system, the ability to print photos and documents over Wi-Fi, and an impressive cartridge resource.

Xiaomi Introduced An Inkjet Printer With A Record Cartridge Yield

The model is made in a compact case made of white plastic with top paper loading. The maximum print resolution is 4800×1200 pixels. The print head is capable of applying 0.1 millimeter thick lines to the paper. The function to prevent drying out of the print head performs self-cleaning once a week, and nozzle cleaning in manual mode is also provided.

To send documents from mobile devices you will need a proprietary application, with its help you can turn the printer into an MFP, sending pictures of documents made using the gadget’s camera to print. Connect to a PC or laptop via Wi-Fi. The manufacturer also announced support for the nodriver function. presumably we are talking about the possibility of direct printing from smartphones without installing additional software.

The set of new items includes a set of four cartridges, each of which has a color casing. it is impossible to mix them up during installation. The manufacturer assures that the ink supply is sufficient to print 3200 pages of black text or up to 9500 pages of color.

The price of the MIJIA Inkjet printer in China is 141, replacement cartridges. 5.5 for each.

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