Xiaomi Mi 3g Router Setup

Xiaomi Mi 3g Router Setup

Famous for many, the Chinese company Xiaomi currently produces a wide variety of equipment, peripherals and other diverse devices. In addition, in their product line there are Wi-Fi routers. Their configuration is carried out according to the same principle as with other routers, however, there are subtleties and features, in particular, the Chinese language of the firmware. Today we will try as much as possible and in detail to analyze the entire configuration process, and also show the procedure for changing the web interface language to English, which will allow for further editing in a more familiar mode for many.

Preparatory work

You have purchased and unpacked Xiaomi Mi 3G. Now you need to take up the choice of a place for him in an apartment or house. The connection to high-speed Internet is via an Ethernet cable, so it is important that it is long enough. At the same time, consider the possible connection with a computer via a LAN cable. As for the signal of the Wi-Fi wireless network, thick walls and working electrical appliances often interfere with its passage, so take this factor into account when choosing a location.

Connect all the necessary cables through the appropriate connectors on the router. They are located on the rear panel and each is marked with its name, so it will be difficult to mix up the location. The developers allow you to connect only two PCs via cable, since there are no more ports on board.

Make sure that the system settings of the operating system are correct. That is, the IP address and DNS should be provided automatically (their more detailed configuration occurs directly in the web interface of the router). You will find a detailed guide on configuring these parameters in our other article at the following link.

Configure Xiaomi Mi 3G router

We figured out the preliminary steps, then we will proceed to the most important part of today’s article – the configuration of the router to ensure a stable Internet connection. You should start with how to enter the settings:

    Launch Xiaomi Mi 3G and expand the list of available connections in the operating system if you are not using a wired connection. Connect to an open network Xiaomi.

Open any convenient web browser and enter miwifi.com in the address bar. Go to the entered address by clicking on Enter.

You can change the name of the wireless network and set a password. Check the corresponding item if you want to set the same access key for the point and the web interface of the router. After that, you need to save the changes.

Next, enter the settings menu, specifying the login and password of the router. You will find this information on a sticker that is located on the device itself. If you set the same password for the network and the router in the previous step, check this box by checking the box.

Wait for the hardware to restart, after which it will automatically reconnect.

You will need to re-enter the web interface by entering the password.

If all the actions were performed correctly, you will enter the parameter editing mode, where you can already proceed to further manipulations.

Firmware update and interface language change

Configuring a router with a Chinese web interface is far from convenient for all users, and automatic translation of tabs in a browser does not work correctly. Therefore, you must install the latest firmware to add English. This is done as follows:

    In the screenshot below, the button is marked "Main menu". Left-click on it.

Go to the section "Settings" and select "State of the system". Click the button below to download the latest updates. If it is inactive, you can immediately change the language.

After the installation is complete, the router will reboot.

You will need to go to the same window again and select from the pop-up menu "English".

Checking the operation of Xiaomi Mi 3G

Now you need to make sure that the Internet is working properly, and that all connected devices are displayed in the list. To do this, open the menu "Status" and select a category "Devices". In the table you will see a list of all connections and you can manage each of them, for example, restrict access or disconnect from the network.

In section "Internet" Displays basic information about your network, including DNS, dynamic IP address, and computer IP. In addition, there is a tool that allows you to measure the connection speed.

Xiaomi Mi 3g Router Setup

Wireless settings

In the previous instructions, we described the process of creating a wireless access point, however, further detailed editing of the parameters occurs through a special section in the configurator. Pay attention to the following settings:

    Go to the tab "Settings" and select a section “Wi-Fi settings”. Make sure dual channel mode is on. Below you will see a form for adjusting the main point. You can change her name, password, configure the protection level and 5G options.

Below is a section on creating a guest network. It is necessary in the case when you want to make a separate connection for certain devices that would not have access to the local group. Its configuration is carried out in exactly the same way as the main point.

LAN settings

It is important to configure the local network correctly, paying particular attention to the DHCP protocol, because it provides automatic settings after connecting devices to the active network. What kind of settings he will provide, the user chooses in the section "LAN setting". In addition, the local IP address is edited here.

Next go to "Network Settings". Here the parameters of the DHCP server are defined, which we discussed at the beginning of the article – obtaining DNS and IP addresses for clients. If there are no problems with access to sites, leave a marker near the item "Configure DNS automatically".

Go down a little lower to set the speed for the WAN port, find out or change the MAC address and put the router in Switch mode to create a network between computers.

Security options

We have discussed the basic configuration procedure above, but I would also like to touch on the topic of security. In the tab "Security" same section "Settings" You can activate standard wireless point protection and work with address control. You select one of the connected devices and block access to the network to it. Unlocking takes place in the same menu. In the form below, you can change the administrator password to enter the web interface.

System settings Xiaomi Mi 3G

Finally, look at the section "Status". We already turned to this category when we updated the firmware, but now I would like to talk about it in detail. First section "Version", as you already know, is responsible for the availability and installation of updates. Button "Upload Log" downloads a text file to the computer with the logs of the device, and "Restore" – resets the configuration (including the selected interface language).

You can back up your settings so that you can restore them if necessary. The system language is selected in the corresponding pop-up menu, and the time changes at the very bottom. Be sure to set the correct day and hours so that the logs are formed correctly.

On this, the configuration of the Xiaomi Mi 3G router is completed. We tried to tell you as much as possible about the process of editing parameters in the web interface, and also introduced you to changing the language to English, which is an important part of the entire configuration. If all instructions have been followed carefully, the normal functioning of the equipment is ensured.