Xiaomi Mi A3 Camera Test Advanced Photo Capabilities Without Miui

Xiaomi Mi A3 Camera Test Advanced Photo Capabilities Without Miui

Xiaomi smartphones are intriguing. you never know what the manufacturer has relied on. And if in the context of the A-series they usually talk about the advantages of a pure Android OS, then Xiaomi Mi A3 has a special story. The novelty received an uncharacteristic upgrade for the line of photo parts: a 48-megapixel sensor and AI functions. We understand how important this is.

Good equipment

Given the availability of the smartphone, its cameras are simply surprising. For example, the main one has a 48-megapixel Sony IMX586 sensor and optics with aperture of f / 1.79, which are appropriate in devices with almost twice the price. The second lens is super wide angle. Its characteristics are 8 megapixels and aperture f / 2.2. And the third is a depth sensor that helps portrait mode work. Another noteworthy front-end camera is 32 MP and with f / 2.0 aperture. This is not found in every device.

Portrait mode

One of the most interesting features of the Xiaomi Mi A3 is portrait mode. Not for nothing that for his sake a separate module was added. In it, you can simultaneously use AI, bokeh effect, smoothing the skin and experiments with facial plastics. The recognition algorithm, which allows you to separate the figure of a person from the background using blur, now works better with a separate sensor (third camera), although not always perfectly.

001 Portrait mode, shutter speed 1/556, ISO 89

The degree of blurring the background (aka bokeh effect) is adjusted in the settings before shooting.

The virtual aperture value can vary from f / 1.0 to f / 16. You cannot change the degree of blur after saving a picture. Falling into the frame of branches in the middle plane does not lead to fatal errors of overlapping bokeh, although in some places it violates its naturalness. Indeed, with normal optical blurring, the branches should have been blurred a little less than the objects in the background.

Portrait mode, shutter speed 1/1153, ISO 91

Xiaomi Mi A3 Camera Test Advanced Photo Capabilities Without Miui

Portrait effects work well at a distance of one to two meters. Compared to previous models, Xiaomi Mi A3 has this mode slightly improved. it offers more pleasant color reproduction due to AI and makes fewer errors in the contours of objects with virtual aperture values ​​up to f / 1.

Night mode

A modern smartphone can not be imagined without a night mode. In Xiaomi Mi A3, it is available, however, without any frills in terms of settings. For example, you cannot adjust the ISO and other parameters yourself.

Despite the only possible automatic way of working, this story program helps out in many situations. When in an ordinary night shot completely shaded in black and the light sources are knocked out in white. you can enable the mode without a doubt. Although the situation with the Xiaomi Mi A3 is ambiguous: the HDR mode and shooting with AI also pull out dark photos well. What and when to apply. let everyone decide for himself.

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