Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 2s Differences


The second generation Xiaomi Mi Powerbank has a capacity of 10,000 mAh, and the charging speed has increased markedly. The classic design and minimalist design still well emphasize the unique style, and the small weight of the device will allow you to take it to work and travel.

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Xiaomi Mi Powerbank 2 Universal Battery

Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 2s Differences

Anodized housing

The anodic oxidation process contributed to the formation of a body capable of resisting corrosion. Thanks to the process of precision casting, it was possible to create a thin alloy that can reliably protect the internal parts of the battery from damage. Increased ergonomics also made the battery extremely thin. only 14.1 mm. Now the device can easily fit in a backpack or even pocket.

Ultra fast charge

Using a high-quality lithium-polymer battery increases the efficiency of the device, creates a stable voltage at which the charging process is much faster than previous versions.

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Micro charge

Thanks to the micro-charge feature, you can use Mi Powerbank 2 Black 10000mAh for devices with low power, for example, a Bluetooth headset, fitness trackers, watches and others.

9 levels of protection

Heat resistance. It has an element of temperature control;

Short circuit protection. Automatically protects the motherboard and battery in case of short circuit;

Reset mechanism. Use the power button to reset power in an unstable environment;

Input surge protection. Prevention of power surges;

Protection against improper installation. The charging process is not possible if the cable is not connected correctly;

Output Overload Protection. The device turns off if the maximum current is exceeded;

Output Overvoltage Protection. The device stops working in case of overvoltage;

Charging and recharging protection. The technology does not allow the battery to be damaged in case of overcharging;

Chip protection. Special sensors in the battery design ensure stable operation at elevated temperatures.