Xiaomi Mi Wi-Fi Router Pro Dual Band Gigabit Router

Xiaomi Mi Wi-Fi Router Pro Dual Band Gigabit Router

Hello! Without further ado, immediately to the point. We offer a complete review of the popular Xiaomi Mi Wi-Fi Router Pro. We will consider in detail the characteristics and features of the router, and also find out how to connect and configure the device.

Options and appearance

First, let’s see how the Xiaomi Mi Pro router comes with. In the stylish black box with the image of the router are:

  • the device itself;
  • power adapter 12 V, 1.5 A with a Chinese plug;
  • A small instruction in Chinese.

The delivery set, as always with Xiaomi, is very ascetic. There is not even a patch cord traditional for other manufacturers. But the device is very well packaged, the whole is covered with a protective transport film.

After liberation from packaging, the router appears in all its glory. It looks very stylish. The case is made of noble gray metal. The left and right walls are black ribbed with ventilation holes. A small, barely noticeable indicator is installed in the middle of the case, which normally lights up in blue.

The router has four powerful antennas, for each range two with a gain of 6 dBi. Below are four rubberized small legs so that the unit does not slip on a smooth surface.

  • WAN port marked in blue;
  • Three LAN ports supporting 1 Gbit / s;
  • USB port version 3.0;
  • connector for connecting a 12 V power adapter;
  • Reset Button
  • QR code for downloading a mobile application for control from a smartphone.


Unpacking and testing the router see here:

Dual-band router – 2.4 and 5 GHz. There is also an older HD version of this device, which has a processor. It has a more powerful IPQ8064 at 1.4 GHz, and in the Pro version MT7621A at 880 MHz. And the main difference is the presence in the Xiaomi HD model of the actual 1 TB hard drive itself. The remaining parameters are the same.

Inside 512 MB of DDR3 RAM and 256 MB of SLC ROM. The maximum data transfer speed over Wi-Fi (for two bands in total) is 2500 Mbps. The operating system of the router is OpenWRT.

Distinctive features

During operation, the router shows fast and stable operation. Wi-Fi signal strength is high – almost 15 percent higher than that of Xiaomi Mi Wi-Fi 3. The device can compete with much more expensive devices in terms of the breakdown ability of a wireless signal. The increase in real speed is also noticeable, especially at a frequency of 5 GHz. At the same time, the router practically does not heat up, the case temperature always keeps just above 30 degrees.

The router has many features. It supports FireWall, file and FTP servers, UPnP AV-server, backup and download information. For the latter, the built-in download manager is used. By connecting an external drive, you can organize a very convenient resource for downloading and storing video, audio and photo content.

It should be remembered that when connecting a 3.5-inch hard drive, you will have to arrange additional power.


Connecting a router is easy enough. To do this, you need:

  1. Connect the power adapter to the “12V – 3A” connector and to the mains.
  2. Connect the provider’s cable to the very first blue RJ-45 connector, next to which is a globe icon symbolizing the World Wide Web.
  3. Now you can connect to the router using a wire or cord (patch cord) or wirelessly.
  1. In the first case, one patch cord connector should be connected to any remaining LAN port, and the other to a computer or laptop. The cord, unfortunately, is not included in the kit and must be purchased separately.
  2. In the second case, you need to use a laptop or other mobile device to connect to the wireless network of the router, which is called "Xiaomi_. ". Instead of. " »Will be the last characters of the MAC address, which is printed on the back of the device.
  • Now, using any browser in the address bar, you can dial the IP address of the router (or miwifi.com) and get into the device control panel. The same can be done using a mobile application. To install it, you can scan a QR code printed on the case in the back in the lower left corner.
  • Customization

    Installing alternative firmware Padavan on Xiaomi routers in the following video (for those who want to unlock the full potential of the device):

    There are many ways to configure your router. You should choose the most convenient for you. It could be:

    Xiaomi Mi Wi-Fi Router Pro Dual Band Gigabit Router
    • regular Internet browser – Internet Explorer, Chrome, Opera, Yandex browser or any other;
    • Windows application
    • utility for Mac;
    • Mobile application for Android and iOS.

    Using a browser, we go to the control panel of the router at the IP address Here you must agree to the terms of the license and change the network name and password. After rebooting, you must log in with a new password.

    Since the Mi Wi-Fi Router Pro is primarily aimed at the Chinese market, the entire interface, unfortunately, is made in Chinese. If you do not already own it sufficiently, then you should use the translator integrated in the browser. We recommend using Google Chrome.

    After entering the administrative panel, you can see the characteristics of the router, as well as the load on the wired network, as well as on the wireless in both frequency ranges, in graphical form.

    To configure the distribution of the Internet you need to enter the data of the service provider in the general settings tab – select the connection protocol.

    Then you need to configure Wi-Fi in the Wi-Fi settings subsection. Here you enter a name for the network in each band and data for protection. In the encryption section, the desired protocol is selected and a key is entered. The new settings take effect after a reboot.

    Mi Wi-Fi App

    It is very convenient to control the router from a mobile application called Mi Wi-Fi. Here you can:

    • see complete information about the speed of information transfer;
    • configure the router;
    • have complete information about devices connected via USB, including traffic information for each gadget;
    • create cloud storage.

    The big advantage of using a mobile application is that now you do not need to learn Chinese. (Although in modern realities, perhaps this is a minus.) The application is available in Russian. It can be installed in the standard way – through Google Play or the App Store. In this case, you need to be connected to Xiaomi Wi-Fi network. The application works well with older versions of Android and iOS.

    As always, Xiaomi introduced an excellent device in terms of price and quality. This router is designed for those who are not happy with cheap models. These users will receive powerful, punchy Wi-Fi and fast Internet at the right price (about 6 thousand rubles).