Xiaomi Mi-Wifi Mi3 Router Setup

Xiaomi Mi-Wifi Mi3 Router Setup

Recently, thanks to information about the sale of one of the participants in our VKontakte group, I became the owner of the new dual-band WiFi router Xiaomi Mi3 at a very profitable sale on AliExpress. For Russia, such a device at a price of less than 2000 rubles is already a serious statement from Xiaomi, which has already won a good rating of sales of mobile phones and has now taken up routers and wireless adapters.
In a flat box that the courier brought me, I found a Spartan simple set. a router, a power supply and a booklet with instructions for quick installation in Chinese.

And the device itself is practically an example of minimalism: a small lightweight case made of nice matte plastic with one single LED. a power indicator. Nothing extra! Compared to similar models from other manufacturers, Mi3 is very miniature:

When you take the Xiaomi Mi3 router into your hands, it is surprising how its antennas do not outweigh. Apparently for this purpose, the case was made twice as long as the board, which is hidden in it.

Xiaomi Mi-WiFi Mi3 Router Features:


WiFi Wireless:

The hardware of Xiaomi Mi3 has very good performance. Chip MediaTek MT7620A used on a fairly large number of models of good routers. ASUS RT-AC52U, TP-Link Archer C20, Linksys RE6700, Zyxel Keenetic III, etc. RAM for the eyes is enough for all his tasks. At the same time, the device does not heat up too much and passive cooling in the form of a holey bottom of the case is enough for it.
Another distinguishing feature of the Xiaomi Mi3 router is that it has only 2 LAN ports.

That is, the Chinese are already focusing on the wireless network, leaving copper links for various peripherals such as a printer or NAS. In addition, support for the 5GHz band allows you to solve all the problems with WiFi in congested wireless networks high-rise buildings.
In general, for its price. this is a great choice!

Basic setup of Xiaomi Mi3

The basis of the firmware of Xiaomi Mi3 router is taken by the free OpenWRT platform with a modified Luci user interface. The IP address used on the local network is Mi3 is also available through the miwifi.com hostname, which the browser automatically visits when you first connect a network device to a computer. Next, the user is greeted by the Xiaomi Quick Setup Wizard:

The first step is to accept the terms of the agreement. Click the “Agree” button and go to the choice of the device:

Two options are available here:. “router” (Mode) or “repeater” (Repeater mode). Choose the first one.
Next, you need to think up and enter a password on WiFi. it will be used both in the usual 2.4 GHz band and in the extended. 5 GHz band.

Pay attention to the checkbox “Turn on penetration mode”. this is the penetration mode. That is, the signal power of the Wi-Fi module is set to maximum. If you do not need it, just uncheck and the balanced mode with medium radiation will be used.
Click on "Next".

Now you need to think up and enter a password to enter the panel of the Web interface. After that, click on the “Set up successfully” button and wait until the Xiaomi Mi3 router applies the settings and reboots:

If everything went well, then the following window will appear at the end of the quick setup:

Click on the “Router admin page” button and get into the full web interface of the device.

How to set up an internet connection

On the Xiaomi MiWiFi Mi3 router, Internet connection is configured in the section Settings.> Internet settings:

The default connection type is: Dynamic IP. DHCP
If your provider uses this particular option, then nothing more needs to be done.
In cases where your telecom operator is Beeline, then you need to create another L2TP tunnel. I’ll talk about this below.

If you need to configure PPPoE on Xiaomi Mi3 Wi-Fi router (for example, for Dom.ru or Rostelecom), then in the “Network Settings” subsection, select this protocol in the list of available:

Below you need to register the login and password for the connection that you received in the subscription department when concluding the contract.
Press the "App" button to apply the parameters.

To connect to the Internet from Beeline, you need to create another connection that rises above DHCP. To do this, go to the section Advanced> VPN:

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Click on the button “Add service”. The following window will appear:

Here we write the name of the connection, the protocol type is L2TP, the Beeline server address is tp.internet.beeline.ru Also for authorization, you must specify the login (usually this is the personal account number) and password received when concluding the contract. Click on the “Save” button.
The following line should appear in the table of VPN connections:

For the router to raise this connection, you need to click the “Connect” button. We check access to the Internet.

WiFi wireless network

If you need to change the Wi-Fi network settings on Xiaomi Mi3, then open the section Settings.> WiFi Settings:

In order to change the SSID, you need to enter a new network name in the parameters of the required range in the "Name" field. In the "Password" field, you can find out which password on WiFi is used, or enter a new one. In the “Guest WiFi” subsection, you can activate the guest access point, which is turned off by default. It will be isolated from the main network and clients will not see computers from LAN.

Xiaomi Mi-WiFi Firmware Update

Xiaomi wireless routers have an automatic system for checking for the latest firmware version. To use it, you need to open this menu in the upper right corner:

We select the item “Updating” and get here on such a page:

The device will automatically check for new firmware on the Xiaomi server and, if there is one, will offer to install it.
If necessary, flashing the router can be done manually by clicking on the “Update Manually” button.

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Xiaomi Mi-WiFi Mi3 router setup: 159 comments

I did everything according to the instructions, but the Internet does not work, the provider Rostelecom. Help me to understand.

And what type of connection do you use. IPoE or PPPoE ?!

Xiaomi Mi-Wifi Mi3 Router Setup

Good afternoon, I did everything according to the instructions, the router does not want to connect to the vpn connection, everything works fine on the old router.

Good afternoon, which day I have been fighting with this router. I did everything according to the instructions, I can’t establish a PPPoE connection, I have already tried different firmware. Fresh, and how are you.
The old router works the same way, called the provider, they confirmed that everything was fine with the line. Beeline provider, of course, they could not help me with anything.
The MAC address was trying to clone. Due to the fact that there is no connection, the VPN also does not connect.
At w3bsit3-dns.com I found a comment with the same problem, but I did not find a solution. Could there be any other reasons for this malfunction besides marriage? Can Padavana firmware help with this?

Hello. I have a Rostelecom router with PON or gPON I don’t know for sure, I found out that the xiaomi router does not have a gPON connector, can I reconfigure it myself or not touch the router from Rostelecom at all? The bottom line is that I did not want to pull the LAN cable quite far, just I wanted to put a router near the computer

Perhaps the provider has a restriction on poppy addresses.

You can contact technical support to put the terminal into bridge mode, and then configure and connect the router.

I think marriage has nothing to do with it, most likely you have something with the settings. Post screenshots in our VK group. try to help!

Tell me, please. how to reserve the device’s internal IP address on the router (for example, a game console)?

Good afternoon!
Does anyone know where the login from the router is? When setting up, only the password for the web interface is set, without a login, but to access the usb-drive you also need to enter a login.

admin does not fit?

In LAN DHCP settings, this is done

how to disable sharing xiaomi mi wifi

Good afternoon, tell me where to enter the wps-pin cod to connect the printer via the network

Honestly, I don’t remember that in the stock firmware there was generally WPS. Then came Xiaomi Router 4, which appeared a certain analogue. MiNet and a button for its activation.

Hello and what to do if in the VPN settings there is only PPTP and there is no L2TP. 4q router.

What kind of provider do you have?

There is no support for L2tp protocol in VPN settings in xiaomi 4A router, what should I do?

If there is Padawan firmware for it, change the device.

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