Xiaomi Mi Wifi Mini Router Setup

Xiaomi Mi Wifi Mini Router Setup

Let’s look at setting up WiFi, the Xiaomi Mi WiFi mini router.

When setting up WiFi on Xiaomi Mi WiFi mini, many face difficulties, since most firmware can be found in Chinese at all, and I did not find any useful instructions in Russian on the Internet, so I prepared my article for you, and so let’s get started!

The connection diagram of the Xiaomi Mi WiFi mini router is standard, I think you managed it, the router looks pretty cool externally, as the mini prefix already testifies to us:

I want to post the whole article directly with his pictures)

Xiaomi Mi WiFi mini router connection diagram

The connection diagram of the Xiaomi Mi WiFi mini router is standard: a cable for the Internet (Red) in the router and two ports for the PC.

Entering the settings of the Xiaomi Mi WiFi mini router

This is where the non-standard approach begins, the first entry into the settings of the Xiaomi Mi WiFi mini router is via WiFi.

After starting the router, our Xiaomi Mi WiFi mini will appear in the list of wireless networks, in the list on protected ones.

The network name corresponds to the formats: Xiaomi_xx or Xiaomi_xx_5G.

We connect to it, when the router is connected, the settings link should open automatically, if this did not happen, then in the browser enter the address:

You can also try to login via the address: http://miwifi.com

and press the Enter key, the router settings window will open.

Here, too, it may be different depending on the firmware.

Setting up firmware in Chinese

Here it is necessary to accept the user agreement, i.e. check the box and click on the button with the hieroglyph.

Then a window will appear in which you can set a new name for the wireless network of the router, and put your password on it.

To configure the Internet connection itself, click on the link highlighted by me, this connection setting is in PPPoE mode (Router mode). To clarify your connection mode, contact your provider. Next, he will ask for the username and password provided by the provider. Fill in the data and click on the blue button.

Xiaomi Mi Wifi Mini Router Setup

Done. The router is configured in router.

Now update your WiFi connection. You will notice that the SSID has been changed from “Xiaomi_router” to the one you entered in the settings. Click on it to connect. Enter the password for WiFi, fine, now go to the router settings again, through the browser.

The page is in Chinese. But after connecting, you can translate into English if you use the Chrome browser.

English firmware setup

There is a second option, if your firmware is translated into English, at the entrance you will see the following window.

To configure this mode, follow the instructions in the video:

Xiaomi Mi WiFi mini router setup video

See also useful videos on setting up the Xiaomi Mi WiFi mini router:

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