Xiaomi Mi5 Does Not Turn On Nfc

Modern applications are notable for their rather large size and advanced functionality, and smartphones released by Xiaomi have tremendous power and performance, which can lead to freezes. Therefore, many users are interested in how to restart the Xiaomi phone if it freezes, and in what ways you can completely rid the device of private braking.

Why does Android freeze

There are many reasons for freezes, starting from the usual pollution of the internal memory, and ending with serious violations in the operation of the operating system.

Xiaomi Mi5 Does Not Turn On Nfc

Many open applications

The most common is this is the simultaneous operation of a large number of processes. For example, in the background, several game applications are launched, YouTube is working and there is a live broadcast on Twitch. this leads to an excessive load on the processor, as a result of which the applications may not respond.

Errors during backup

Next: an incorrect backup. If during the backup process even minor inaccuracies and errors were made, after the operation is completed this can turn into significant problems with the phone.

Failures in firmware and update

Do not forget about the firmware. Most often, problems occur during or after updating MIUI. Also, even a simple cleaning of the internal memory, or removal of system applications become a cause for system freezes.

Rebooting a stuck Xiaomi phone

Rebooting is the best solution in this situation, allowing you not to harm the device and carefully return it to correct operation. There are two types of such a reboot.: soft and hard.

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Xiaomi Mi5 Does Not Turn On Nfc

Soft reset

Usually a “soft” reset is used for light freezes, when the sensor more or less normally responds to touch. It is also used for prevention. Noticed the braking and reduced speed of the smartphone? Use this method. The command is regulated by the operating system, therefore, all processes performed before the reboot are successfully saved, and the risk of losing important information is minimized. Getting started:

  1. We press the power button, slightly holding it for several seconds.
  2. A standard menu window appears.
  3. Click "Reload". Done.

Hard reset

This method forcibly stops the operating system. You should start the process if the device does not respond at all to any actions. The instruction is easy and standard:

  1. Hold the power button for 20-30 seconds.
  2. Hold until vibration and the appearance of a "black screen".
  3. A normal boot with the Mi logo should go through.

The signal goes to the processor of the smartphone itself, so a reboot usually happens instantly. You should not use this option too often!

How to avoid freezes in the future

Do not forget that permanent shutdowns of the smartphone. not an option. It is necessary to remove precisely the cause of the incorrect operation, and for this it is first necessary to identify it. If you recently installed some new application, perhaps it is to blame. Remove suspicious programs.

A good idea would be updating the operating system. Either choose an available new version, or update an already installed one. Returning the smartphone to factory devices and / or cleaning up RAM are also worthy options.

Advice: restart the phone every week for preventive purposes, using a predominantly soft reboot. Do not let the charge on the phone fall below 15-10% (article on proper charging), because of which a forced shutdown will occur.

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