Xiaomi Phone Began To Warm Up And Quickly Discharge

Xiaomi Phone Began To Warm Up And Quickly Discharge

Good day.

I want to share my story about how I reanimated my "brick"Maybe someone will be useful.

Please do not judge strictly, first post. And yes, Chukchi from the word "at all". not a writer.

Just the other day, or rather on Thursday, I ran into one problem with my two-year-old Redmi Note 4 MTK phone. In the morning, getting up from the crib and removing the device from charging, he went to put himself in order. Morning is like morning, nothing portended trouble, but.

Upon returning, I found that the phone was significantly warmed up, and the charge level instead of the usual 90-95% was at sixty. First of all, I checked if there were any running programs that could hang, but no, there were none. For the sake of fidelity, I once again cleared the memory and rebooted, possibly already "brick". And it didn’t give a result 🙁 And now I’m not so fun to work for thought, like what, why, why and with me? Maybe this battery is dying, then why am I carrying this dangerous brick in my pocket? Need to turn it off ! He turned it off. Uff, it cooled down, it became calmer. Probably many people know that with Li-ION the jokes are bad.

When I got to work and gathered my thoughts, I immediately started to google this problem and what would you think? Yes, yes, the second link leads me to Picaba 🙂

Briefly about the content: in April this year, there was a situation when, after upgrading to the new version of MIUI, Xiaomi phones got the same problem and the solution to all this was to roll back to the previous version, but then the company recognized the error, and now they are silent, like partisans. Well, then my little "investigation".

Having entered the system update menu, I find MIUI | Stable Unfortunately then I did not think to take this screenshot, but oh well, I hope you believe me. Following the instructions, I go to the official website and see an ode there is an entertaining inscription:

It turns out that for my phone model the stable version is, but not the one about which I "blatantly lying" the device itself. Ok, let’s start downloading. It is worth noting that I acted according to the instructions from the post to which I gave the link a little higher, except for the item: "- make a full reset to the factory settings. ATTENTION. ALL DATA WILL BE LOST!". I will add only one point. It does not hurt to create a backup of your data and upload it to the computer. Just in case of fire. I note that the backup will not include pictures / videos / music / downloads, etc. but will save application settings, SMS, call log.

By rolling this way "stable" I relieved the firmware with relief:

1. I have not received "Brick".

2. The device stopped warming and quickly discharged.

But on this amenities ended. As it turned out, my application is now not working "Messages", it seems like it’s not scary, but to enter the Internet banking you need to enter the code from SMS.

From the first lines of the report, it becomes clear what the problem is. Apparently when upgrading to "stable" updated and the database, and the application "posts" in the current firmware version does not want to work with it. Unfortunately, I did not find a solution to this problem, and technical support is still silently silent about the battery problem:

And these topics are created in the last hour. And in responding to these complaints, they are either advised to do standard things such as unload all applications, restart the device and look at the result. Well, nonsense ?! Or there are just users who confirm that they have the same problem.

I also stumbled upon problems with the application "posts":

Yes, this user’s device is not the same as mine, but the errors are very similar. I was struck by the response of the administrator assigned to the MIUI Bug Hunter Team (bug hunters):

Xiaomi Phone Began To Warm Up And Quickly Discharge

Clear data and cache? And should this help? Did he even read the first two lines of the bug report? Okay, I apologize for my incontinence, I just boiled up, within two days to see the complete ignore of my users or rotten excuses. Below I wrote to this admin that I tried everything that he recommended, but there was no answer.

In conclusion, I would like to say that if you suddenly want to use the method for solving the problem that I described, keep in mind the following:

1. There is always a risk of getting "brick".

2. There is a risk of losing all the data, so it’s better to backup and transfer everything of value to the computer.

3. My application fell off "posts", but you can have it differently, what if the application responsible for calls falls off?

This helped me at least in the fact that the device can be used again. Yes, there are troubles, but so far it is tolerable. I still hope that these problems will be resolved soon.

You could also try the firmware for developers, it is also on the official website, but I’m somehow afraid to grab even more lags.

Thank you for your attention, I hope this post will be at least useful to someone.