Xiaomi Power Bank Check By Number

Xiaomi power bank authentication is a question that arises for the owners of a product of this brand. This is a functional battery, which is distinguished by functionality and reasonable cost. The popularity of the device caused such an unpleasant factor as the appearance of fakes. In order not to run into them, you need to follow the recommendations in this article.

Check turn bank Xiaomi

Each person seeks to acquire the necessary things and at the same time save money. This also applies to batteries. Similar devices are presented in different price categories.

If you need to save money and purchase a more affordable product, you should protect yourself from fakes. There are many options to carry out such checks:

  1. Geographic stickers on the package.
  2. The erasing area under which a digital combination is present.
  3. The table on the manufacturer’s page.

As an addition, you can verify the appearance of the box where the model is drawn with the battery itself. If you know how to conduct standard checks correctly, you can protect yourself from the risk of acquiring a Chinese fake.

How to check?

Fake devices are very similar to the originals. Distinguishing a fake is much more difficult with a box. This may seem only at the first examination of an unknowing person. When studying the appearance and when deciding how to check the authenticity of xiaomi power bank, you need to pay attention to such parameters:

  • sloppy prescribed processor capacity on the device, which can be 10,000 or 20,000;
  • poor build quality, which the manufacturer cannot allow.
    Xiaomi Power Bank Check By Number

The original structural elements are carefully selected. They are fitted to each other, and the LEDs look exclusively on the spot. If the user presses the button, he will not feel any play.


Faced with a fake version of the battery, we can note some differences in appearance and in the design decision. Appearance will not be as neat as the original device. Among the main distinguishing features of the device can be noted:

  1. Original built-in batteries.
  2. Reliable thick wires.
  3. Properly designed board.

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If the device is manufactured by fake companies, you will notice such disadvantages as:

  • large gaps;
  • sloppy button;
  • lack or insufficient number of LED lamps;
  • bad batteries are built in, as well as a board whose appearance gives reason to guess about the fake;
  • the wires are very thin.

If you look closely at the power USB ports, you will notice a white color. In the original versions it is beige.

You can solve the issue by checking the power bank of xiaomi by code. Each box of Xiaomi devices has its own unique device code. It consists of 20 indicators. To find it and compare it to determine the fake, you will need to erase the applied security code.

After that, the data is entered in a special column on the official website. If the device is not original, this number will not appear on the package. Some fake manufacturers put numbers on the boxes, but if you break through them on the site, the operation will show an error.

As soon as the user enters the digital combination present on the box, in the second line you will need to dial a confirmation code. After that, click on the Verify button. If the user is the first to request official confirmation of the code, a proof of this will be displayed on the screen in the form of a special message.

By serial number

The code described above can be described as an official serial number. It is not difficult to find it; you will need to complete it in this way:

  1. Take the packaging of the device and carefully examine it.
  2. On the back surface of the purchased device you need to find a sticker that shows the manufacturer’s logo.
  3. On the sticker you can find a special easy-to-erase protection, like lottery tickets.
    Xiaomi Power Bank Check By Number

Such a film on the packaging must be wiped with a fingernail or a coin. A protective serial number appears below it. These are 20 specially selected numbers.


For effective verification of the authenticity of the bank, you can use the information on the official website www mi mah com. There are not only digital indicators, but photos. Having carefully studied them, you can understand what external characteristics and numbers are present in the device. Having studied the photo on the Russian site, you can check factors such as:

  • In this unit, the built-in indicator is covered with a special protective plastic. The diameter is minimal. The fakes have large enough holes, and often there is no protection at all;
  • On micro-USB ports there is a special plate with printed contacts. If the battery is original, it will be white, if fake, black;
  • The port plate of this device is made in white, on fake ones it is often beige;
  • There are differences at the far end of the port. There is no company code or logo on it.

If you find such signs of a product, you should contact the place of purchase of the fake and return it.

To summarize

The information in this article will help you independently find the external difference between the company’s fake and original devices. This will allow you to distinguish the originals and get one device at an affordable cost without a doubt as a functional battery.

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